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A door suitable for your home


What if we stopped neglecting it? Whether it is in a house or an apartment, the front door is the first thing our guests see and the last thing they leave when leaving ... it deserves all our respect! And it is largely thanks to her that one feels safe, preserved from the outside, comfortably settled with us. Choice of material, accessories, colors, we advise you!


Why is the front door so important?

Consider your front door as a decorative element in its own right, designed in harmony with the rest of your interior, including the entrance hall or adjoining room. Moreover, the doorway, one tends to forget it, plays an essential role! It protects us from the outside, from danger, noise, and bad weather. This is why, when you choose, you must not overlook several criteria: safety, acoustic insulation, thermal and waterproofing. Who said that choosing his front door was a formality?


Lighting the front door?

Inside and outside, lighting is very important as it also ensures the reception of your guests! We avoid the spotlight or spot directed on them and we prefer a soft light and less direct. For this, you can, for example, opt for a wall lamp on the side. Again, its style must, of course, depend on and adapt to the rest of your decor.

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